Research Group


The People Behind the Papers

Principal Investigator


Ayelet Baram-Tsabari, Ph.D., Full Professor

Lab Manager


Keren Dalyot, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Students

Picture of Akiva Berger

Akiva Berger

co-supervised with Dr. Oren Golan
Picture of Dalit Lan

Dalit Lan

co-supervised with Dr. Sagi Dalyot
Picture of Ifat Zimmerman

Ifat Zimmerman

co-supervised with Prof. Tali Tal
Picture of Osnat Atias

Osnat Atias

co-supervised with Prof. Yael Kali

M.Sc. Students


The Technion – MadaTech Citizen Science Lab


Postdoctoral fellows

Picture of Inbal Klein-Avraham

Inbal Klein-Avraham

co-supervised with Prof. Zvi Riech

Alumni- Ph.D

Picture of Chen Gafni Amsalem, Ph.D.

Chen Gafni Amsalem, Ph.D.

co-supervised with Prof. Stavit Shalev
Picture of Galit Hagay, Ph.D.

Galit Hagay, Ph.D.

Picture of Olfat Zoubi, Ph.D.

Olfat Zoubi, Ph.D.

co-supervised with Prof. Stavit Shalev
Picture of Ran Peleg, Ph.D.

Ran Peleg, Ph.D.

Picture of Yaela Golumbic, Ph.D.

Yaela Golumbic, Ph.D.

co-supervised with Prof. Barak Fishbain


Alumni- M.Sc.

Picture of Maya Kallir-Meyrav, M.Sc.

Maya Kallir-Meyrav, M.Sc.


Long- term visitors and postdoctoral fellows

Picture of Ronen Hareuveny, Ph.D.

Ronen Hareuveny, Ph.D.

Picture of Roni Armon, Ph.D.

Roni Armon, Ph.D.


Group Photos