Communication of Scientific Uncertainty during COVID-19 pandemic

The days are days of COVID-19 pandemic in Israel. The news are bombed with coverage of the ORRR444situation. Scientific matters, that were previously much less apparent, are in the top of the news. Scientists, even those who were previously under the shadows, are now interviewing and or communicating in other ways with the public. A lot of uncertainty emerges: The virus is new to science, and not everything is known. Health regulations (e.g. wearing masks, avoiding gatherings) are not accepted by all professionals, and (as a result?) all publics. The scientific news change all the time. How the virus transmitted? Will there be a vaccine?
This project aims to explore the communication of scientific uncertainties on this topic in the Israeli media, and the scientists behind it.


Orli Wolfson

אילת ברעם

Ayelet Baram-Tsabari