Public Participation in Air Quality Research

"Sensing the Air"

“Sensing the Air”

Citizen science is a growing field in the scientific world, and involves volunteers from the general public in scientific research with collaboration with professional researchers.

Sensing the Air is an air quality monitoring citizen science initiative. We aim to create a local network of air quality sensors at citizens’ homes, offices, schools and public spaces that provide local air quality information at the places where people spend most of their time.

We do so by actively engaging citizens in the research process, including defining research questions, analyzing data and seeing what they can do in order to improve air quality in their neighborhood. Sensing the Air’s unique platform,, was built using user-centered design methods, as it displays air quality information on multiple levels, enabling users to interact with the data at their level of choice. More about the process of building the project platform is presented in the video below.

This project is part of the European Union FP7 CITI-SENSE project, for improving the quality of life in cities and is done with collaboration with the Technion environmatics lab (headed by Prof. Barak Fishbain).

Project Members

Yaela Golumbic, Ph.D. Student

Yaela Golumbic, Ph.D. Student

Ayelet Baram-Tsabari, Associate Professor

Ayelet Baram-Tsabari, Associate Professor

This project is conducted in collaboration with Prof. Barak Fishbain and CITI-SENSE.

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