Invited talks – National

talksInvited talks – National

2023 – Keynote speaker, the 3rd ‘Software and Data’ conference, AEAI – The Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel (June, recorded in Tel Aviv and broadcasted online)

2022 – Panel moderator, “The public: evolution, science communications and culture”, at the Science Education in Diverse Cultural and Religious Contexts conference, Technion

2022 – Panel moderator, “Science Communication”. The Israeli Young academy: Decade of Activity, Jerusalem

2022 – Invited talk at “Prof. Aharon Katzir: Science and leadership”, The Israeli Academy of Science and Humanities  (June, Jerusalem)

2022 – Plenary speaker at the Connecting Practice and Research in Education, Ben Gurion University (October, in person)

2020 – Invited speaker at a conference on the scientific basis for preparing Corona and other epidemics – The place of public health schools and academia, Haifa University (March, in person)

2019 – Invited speaker at the “Physics Teachers’ Communities conference”, Weizmann Institute of Science

2019 –  Invited speaker at the CROWD SOURCING AND CITIZEN SCIENCE conference, Haifa University

2019 –  Invited speaker at the Azrieli Foundation leadership workshop, Tel Aviv University

2019 – Plenary speaker at the “Biology Teachers’ Communities conference”, Weizmann Institute of Science

2019 –  Invited speaker at the “Promoting Communication through Active Teaching and Learning in Multi-Linguistic and Multi-Cultural Classrooms” conference, Technion

2019 –  Invited speaker at the Medical Education conference, Technion

2019  –  Invited speaker at the Matanel Seminar series for the heads of preparatory courses “The Spirit of Time”

2019  –  Invited speaker at the Department of Science Teaching’s special Jubilee Conference, Weizmann Institute of Science

2016   –  A speaker at a Think@Drink public talk “Science, Media and Us”

2016  –   Invites speaker at the “connecting people to science” science communication conference, Davidson science education institute, Weizmann Institute of Science

2016  – Invited speaker at the annual conference of the Environment and Health Fund

2016  – Invited speaker at a key event of a professional development for high rank teachers at the Technion

2015  –  Invited speaker at Zavit environmental news agency training for science writers, The Israeli Association for Ecological and Environmental Research

2015  –  Invited speaker at a Cross-disciplinary Symposium of the National Technology Teachers’ Center

2015  –  Invited speaker at the “Communication and Environment” conference, school of sustainability and school of communication, IDC, Herzliya

2015  –   Invited talk with Dr. Orr at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Tel Aviv University at the conference “The Polio Campaign of Summer 2013 in Israel – Critical Assessments”

2015  –   Invited speaker at the professional conference “INFO 2015, The 30 Annual Conference & Exhibition”2015  –  Invited speaker on the topic of science communication in the Soreq Nuclear Research Center seminar, Israel Atomic energy Commission

2015 – Invited speaker on the topic of science communication in the Geological Survey of Israel seminar, Ministry of National Infrastructures

2014  –   Invited speaker at the forum of the Heads of the Israeli Teachers Centers for Scientific and Technological Education

2014 –  Invited speaker on one day workshop “Social Aspects of Teaching and Research at the Technion.”

2014 –  Invited speaker at the new researchers meeting of the Israel Centers of Research Excellence (ICORE), Israel Science Foundation

2014 –  Invited speaker at a science communication professional development day for Ministry of Science, Technology and Space management

2014  – Invited speaker at The Israel Young Academy forum on scientists’ involvement in formal science education (the “Sal Mada” initiative)

2014-   Invited speaker at the TEDx Weizmann Institute

2013 –  Invited speaker at the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) academic track

2012- Invited plenary speaker at the National Conference of Science and Technology Middle School Teachers conference