Noa Reis


Noa Reis, Research Assistant

My name is Noa and I have a M.Sc degree in Biology (Technion).

I am a laboratory manager in the Biology Faculty of the Technion and mostly engaged in basic biological research that addresses the cellular protein degradation regulation.

Two years ago, I embarked on a new path — working as a research assistant at the Technology & Science Education Faculty of the Technion. My main interest is the general public scientific literacy. As a biologist, and a former hospital genetic laboratory worker, I have noted that the genetic literacy of the public is wanting. Genetic literacy for me is an essential tool in a world where genetic terms are integrated in many spheres, health being the most prominent, and of importance that transcends all controversy. The attempt to examine genetic literacy as well as trying to enhance it seems both challenging and compelling for me.

Over time I have realized that genetic literacy is the tip of an iceberg, when scientific literacy is concerned. It also dawned on me, how complex changing knowledge and attitudes are, and closely related to our ability as scientists to mediate an understanding of the science we live and study to the general public. One of the significant components of this ability is scientists’ perception of their “science broker” role, understanding its importance, and knowing the best way to perform this role.

I am presently engaged in an extensive international study led by Prof. Hans Peter Peters, aiming to assess these perceptions among scientists in diverse disciplines and countries.

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