Osnat Atias

Osnat Atias, Ph.D. Student
I’m a PhD student jointly supervised by Prof. Ayelet Baram-Tsabari and Prof. Yael Kali from the University of Haifa. My thesis focuses on Citizen Science – a field of practice that is experiencing a major boost in recent years, in which anyone can actively take part in scientific research and help advance science in various disciplinary domains.

Citizen science is a form of public engagement with science that bridges between scientists and non-scientists and supports the democratization of scientific data and knowledge. I’m interested in the inter-relationships between citizen science, science communication and science education.

I’ve completed a double major B.A. in Biology and Computer Sciences at Tel-Aviv University. Following my appreciation to both areas of interest, I studied for an M.Sc. degree in the Plant Sciences department at Tel-Aviv University, researching bioinformatic methods for analyzing genomic data of a small, yet highly important plant, called Arabidopsis.

After a few years of undertaking several occupations, including teaching science at middle-school and working as a commercial site manager, I’ve found myself fascinated by the promise of citizen science as a field of practice and research. In my thesis I examine models for integrating citizen science with school-level science education, providing for a more authentic, context-based and empowering learning experience.

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