The Classroom as a Platform for Community Engagement with Food Production and Science

This is a collaborative multidisciplinary project that will be centered around student ledresearch into the origins of their commonly consumed industrialized food items (e.g., breakfast cereals, yogurts, snacks, etc.). In a multiple stage class project, students in middle and high school (aged 13-16) will learn about the history of industrial food production (in collaboration with food engineering researchers and with materials, e.g. info-graphics, developed by EUFIC) and develop a survey to learn about commonly used food products in their community.


Then, in small groups, each group will focus on one popular item as they investigate how it is manufactured, what are the different ingredients, and how could they be manufactured in a healthier way.
Their final project will include a public campaign to disseminate their finding to engage the food industry and their community. This process will be done simultaneously in the two participating countries (Poland and Israel), and at the end students will connect with students enabling them to compare with commonly consumed foods in the different countries involved in the project. The results of students’ inquiry will be shared using a social media tool kit and templates (e.g. on for the school’s websites and newsletters) developed by EUFIC .

This project will be implemented during 2020 and is generously funded by EIT FOOD  

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קרן דליותDr. Keren Dalyot, Post-Doctoral Fellow