The Classroom as a Platform for Community Engagement with Food Production and Science



In a multiple stage class project, students in Israel, Poland, Finland and Belgium are given the skills and tools (classes, field trips, didactic materials and trainings) to research the origins of commonly consumed industrialized food items in their communities.

With the help of teachers and food engineering researchers, students are responsible to do their own research and critical assessment of the challenges and opportunities of food production and nutrition.

They are then trained on science communication to explore effective ways to communicate and disseminate their scientific findings to their peers and communities using social media and other communication channels.

The EIT FoodScienceClass  project started in 2020 with a collaboration between three countries (Israel, Poland and Belgium) and four European partners: Technion (Israel), PAN (Poland), EUFIC (Belgium) and DOUXMATOK (Israel). In 2021, the project has welcomed three new partners: VTT (Finland), Rikolto (Belgium) and FoodBank (Poland).

In 2022 we will focus on furthering the impact and outreach of the project as we develop activities for informal educational settings such as science museums and youth groups. 


July 2020 – Teens participating the project conducted (voluntarily) a whole day of activities for 1st-3rd grades as part of summer camp



Examples for unique infographics developed for the project in all languages (English, Hebrew, Polish, Finnish and Flemish)


Dealing creatively with online learning in 2020. Guided through ZOOM, students received this kit for conduting lab activities from their home kitchen. 


קרן דליות

Dr. Keren Dalyot



Yael Rozenblum