Keren Dalyot, Ph.D.

Dr. Keren Dalyot

Dr. Keren Dalyot.

Dr. Dalyot is a senior research associate. She has multidisciplinary academic and professional background: starting with a BA in communication and international relations, an MA in Theory and Practice of Human Rights and ending with an MA and PhD in International Education Policy. Throughout her academic career, she has focused on several aspects of gender equality including a thesis on media representation of trafficking in women to Israel.

Keren has studied in Israel, England and the United States and brings with her this wealth of experience both in different educational systems and with cooperating with people from all around the globe. While conducting research for her PhD dissertation, she travelled to Ghana and met some extraordinary women working in the education system. In addition, Keren also has undergraduate and graduate teaching experience in the areas of sociology of education, qualitative research methods and academic writing.

Currently, Dr. Dalyot  is leading the European funded (EIT FOOD) educational project – The Classroom as a Platform for Community Engagement with Food Science (FoodScienceClass). This is a collaborative multidisciplinary project that is centred around student led research into food systems and industrialized foods while gaining important science communication skills to engage their communities with healthy and sustainable eating habits. As part of this project teens from Israel, Belgium, Finland, and Poland will share findings from their research projects and social media campaigns through online activities. 2022  will see further development of the FoodScienceClass project into informal educational setting such as museums and youth groups.

In addition Keren is part of the Citizen Lab team, where she supports the development of new grants and international partnerships.

Keren has been part of the applied science communication research group since 2017 when she led  a research project on Risk Communication and Parents’ Perceptions of Non-Ionizing Radiation in Schools: The Case of Wi-Fi in Israeli Classrooms (more information about this project can be found here). Information about this project can be found here. She is also working on a group project in collaboration with Dr. Yaela Golumbic and PhD candidate Yael Barel-Ben David, developing a unique measure for examining scientific reasoning skills in the context of daily life. Lastly, Keren has also been leading a study (Gendered engagement with posts authored by female scientists on Facebook) with Yael Rozenblum. She recently presented this work in NARST online conference and her presentation can be found here.

Recently she has been selected to serve in the newly established Youth Mission Working Group set up by EIT FOOD to strategically examine programming for children and youth across Europe.

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